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Sex Resources

Sexual issues can be overwhelming. You’re not alone. Real sex between real people is complex; requiring couples to trust, love, accept and enjoy each other. In reality couples must overcome conflict, fatigue, differing libidos and so much more. It’s not easy. Here you will find a collection of resources inspired by the questions we get asked the most. Resources that we hope will help you and your spouse enjoy the intimate side of your relationship.

Married Sex

Spicing Up Sex
5 Steps for Romance to Survive the Diaper Phase (revamped)
Psst! What If I’m Not Attracted To My Spouse Anymore?
Three Ways to Enhance Sexual Satisfaction in Marriage
Awaken Love
Is Pornography Destructive to a Marriage?
Watching Pornography together
How Do We Have a Great Sex Life?
Emotional and Physical Intimacy
Sex and Emotional Connections
6 Marks of Healthy Sexuality
Parameters for Sex in a Christian Marriage
The Five Levels of Intimacy
How Do We Have a Great Sex Life?
Safe sex: Do You Feel Safe in Your Marriage?
7 Ways to Communicate With Your Spouse About Sex
The 5 levels of intimacy video
Artificial Intimacy
Overcoming Emotional Distance in Marriage
Honesty: The Heartbeat of Marriage
Learning How to Please Your Spouse in the Bedroom

Sexual Issues

Libido Differences
Agreeing on Frequency of Sex
Married Women Increase Libido by Having More Sex
She Doesn’t Want Sex
Help! I Love my Husband but I Don’t like Sex
Husband’s Low Desire
What if our sex drives don’t match?
He Doesn’t Want Sex
Help! He Doesn’t Want Sex
Why Doesn’t Sex Feel That Good To Me?
Why Don’t I Desire Sex with My Husband?
Past Baggage
Does the Past Affect My Libido Now?
Reconciling Your Sexual Past with your Marriage
Impact of Sexual Past: One Couple’s Story
Wife’s Pornography Addiction
I Can’t Forgive My Spouse’s Sexual Past
Intimacy vs Sexual Secrets
Barb’s Story: Hope For Sexual Healing
How Do I Help My Spouse Who Was Abused?
Why Do I Feel Guilty About Past Sex?
How Has Shame Affected My Marriage?
Barb’s Story: Hope For Sexual Healing
4 Parts to the Healing Process
Past Abuse: Why do I feel this way?
Healing from Your Sexual Past
Healing the wounds we’ve accumulated from our past
Grieving the losses we’ve experienced
Exposing the lies we’ve ingrained because of our past
Breaking ungodly sexual bonds
Childhood Sexual Abuse: How the past affects the present
How do I know if I’ve been sexually abused?
Overcoming Shame
How Has Shame Affected My Marriage?
The Effects of Shame
How Do I know if I need healing?
Sexual Healing – How God Sees Sex
Why do I struggle with sexual intimacy?
How can I heal from my sexual past?
Steps To Sexual Healing
How Long Does Sexual Healing Take?
4 Parts to the Healing Process