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Your marriage story could bring help and hope to another couple.

FamilyLife Canada’s Marriage Mentoring initiative is based on a simple conversational model of mentoring. It’s designed to galvanize and equip volunteer couples to invest in younger couples through monthly conversations over the course of one year. Mentors qualify not on the basis of extensive education or training, but on the quality of their character and their marriage.

Conversation Topics

“If churches would become marriage mentor centers, it would create a revolution in our society.”
– John Ortberg

Marriage Mentoring Coaches

Talk to a marriage mentoring coach about becoming a mentor or local church implementation

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Marriage Mentoring Training is an interactive and comprehensive 3-hour session. It allows mentor couples to assess their interest and willingness to mentor while providing the necessary tools to begin mentoring immediately.

Training and orientation includes:

  • Case for mentoring
  • Overview of conversational model of mentoring
  • Mentor skills development
  • Expectations, goals and boundaries of the mentoring relationship
  • Practice mentoring conversation

The FamilyLife Canada Marriage Mentoring training can be delivered digitally or live.

Downloadable Resources


downloadable resources

Facilitator’s Guide

Mentor Resume

Mentee Resume

Mentor Interview Questions

Mentor Reference Questions