There is some lecture along with media, dramatic video clips and projects.

Absolutely not! Speakers will share from their life experiences about specific topics. They will have you work on projects that just you as a couple will discuss together.

These are questions that you and your spouse will work on and then discuss. Some are done as part of a session and some are done after the session has ended.

This event is for all married couples. No matter what age or how many years you have been married this day will help take your marriage to the next level.

Manuals will be provided for you and your spouse. You only need to bring a pen or pencil for completing projects or recording notes.

A Day Together can restore your vision of what it looks like to pursue a marriage that works. You’ll make meaningful progress toward resolving past hurts, and discover a new appreciation for your spouse.

Many couples are encouraged to learn at the conference that their struggles are not as unique as they think. Again, let’s talk with someone who knows: “I didn’t realize that other people were having the same kinds of problems… it seemed like the speakers had been in my house and knew what was going on.”

Dress for a fun, relaxed day. Wear something comfortable (jeans are fine). We suggest that you bring a jacket or sweater into the sessions since temperatures vary.

Absolutely! We greatly appreciate having a little extra help spreading the word about FamilyLife events. To get a promotional package please contact at Phone: 604-514-2135 or Email: info@familylifecanada.com. We also have downloadable material available:

Downloadable Resources

The registration fee for the Weekend Getaway includes all materials that you will need for the conference but does not include lodging or meals. When you make your room reservation, ask what services are included and if there is a microwave and refrigerator in the room. Saturday night is designated as “date night”. If you and your spouse choose to enjoy a special dinner out, be sure to make reservations before the weekend to avoid being disappointed.

When you check in at the conference, you will receive nametags and booklets, which include space for taking notes. You will need to bring a pen or pencil and a Bible if you wish, but most Scripture passages mentioned during the talks are printed in the manual. If you are interested, you will want to be prepared for purchasing resources from the conference resource center. The weekend is casual in nature, so we recommend dressing comfortably while recognizing temperature changes due to location and season.

As a courtesy to other participants, we ask that children, including nursing infants, not be brought to the sessions. FamilyLife is unable to provide childcare during the conference.

Yes they do. Each hotel has its own discounted room rate. When booking your room let them know you are a guest at FamilyLife’s Weekend Getaway marriage conference and they will honour the special rate for you.

While it is highly recommended that you and your spouse stay at the conference hotel to experience the weekend in it’s entirety, we do understand some circumstances make this difficult. If for whatever reason you can’t stay at the hotel, agree with your spouse to remove all distractions to get the most of your time together: clear your schedule, don’t check your email, keep the tv off, unplug the phone and find someone to help you with your children. This is a time for you and your spouse to focus on just each other and your relationship.

All Weekend Getaway guests must book and pay for their own accommodations by calling the hotel prior to the conference. Hotel information is included with each location description. FamilyLife is unable to make those arrangements for you.

Each topic builds on the previous topics. Therefore, we do not offer partial registrations.

The registration fee covers all the content material for the weekend. It does not include accommodations, meals or parking.

Not at all. This conference is for everyone, no matter what condition your marriage is in. Past participants range from those being in good solid marriages right down to those ready to sign divorce papers. It can either take your marriage from good to great, or to potentially saving it. The conference offers hope.

No. While the conference material is based on biblical principles, it is not exclusive to just Christians. The event offers sound practical and applicable marriage advice for everyone regardless of your beliefs. Our speakers are not pastors and present the content from their own experiences in a non-threatening and often humorous way.

Not necessarily, but it is designed to strengthen marriages, so to make the most of your investment we recommend your relationship is in the process of taking that step. Majority of couples that attend are married, but occasionally engaged couples join us as well and find the conference helpful in starting their marriage off on the right foot.

Registration fees are refundable up to seven days prior to the conference, less a $30 per couple cancellation fee. Or, we’ll gladly transfer your registration to another couple, or to a future Canadian conference. If you are unable to attend due to unavoidable last-minute circumstances, please let us know by calling 1-800-247-3180 or 250-868-3056 (8:00 – 4:30 PST, Mon-Fri). Please contact the hotel directly to make changes to your hotel reservation.